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Amazing Colors In Diamonds

Pink Diamond

Pink diamonds are the world’s valuable and rarely found diamond. Pink diamonds are considered as treasure of treasures and it is associated with femininity, love and grace. Argyle mine is the world foremost source of supplying 95% of pink diamonds. Pink diamonds produced in India, Brazil and Africa was characteristically light in color.

White Diamond

White diamond is the leading diamond color produced in wide shapes, sizes and varieties. Diamonds used in gemology are basically transparent with a little tint color. These Types of Diamonds.html are known as white diamonds. This is the most common type of diamond. Generally, valuable types of diamond will be colorless or white diamonds.

Blue Diamond

Blue diamonds are the most valuable diamonds next to white diamonds or colorless diamonds. Blue colored diamonds are popularly referred as “Hope Diamonds”. Blue diamonds ranges from pale blue of winter day to deep hue of peacock tail. This is one of the fancy diamonds available in wide shades, shapes and sizes. Some blue diamonds have an ability of conducting electricity.

Green Diamond

Green diamonds are rare diamonds, since the natural green color comes from exposure to irradiated particles over eons. Green diamonds are fancy diamonds extremely rare and expensive available in great shapes & colors. Most of the green diamonds are produced from Argyle mine.

Champagne Diamond

Champagne diamonds are natural colored diamonds produced in wide range of colors from light straw to rich cognac. It belongs to brown diamond family in different colors like Fancy Brown Orange, Fancy Orangey Brown, Pinkish Brown and Yellow Brown.

Yellow Diamond

Fancy yellow diamonds comes in wide range of shades from light yellow to rich canary color. There are different shades of yellow diamonds available depending upon the lightness and intensity of yellow hue.


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